mom shaming

When Cooper was only a couple months old, sometime in June, we went to the library in Spanish Fork to return a book I had checked out.  It was probably 11 o’clock, and being June in Utah, it was already pretty warm, nay it was hot.  I had him in shorts and a short sleeve Read More

Happy Birthday!!!!

Happy birthday Cooper! I can’t believe I am the mom of a four-year old!  I can still remember almost every event leading up to this day.  I remember the day I found out that I was finally pregnant, the ultrasound that told us we were having a boy (nearly all of my doctor’s appointment actually), Read More

He is risen!

Yesterday we had the pleasure of celebrating not only one but two great, exemplary people.  Cooper’s oldest cousin (Hunter) turned 8, and our Savior, Jesus Christ!  Hunter is such an amazing young man, and we are so proud that he has decided to be baptized the day after Cooper’s birthday!  Cooper absolutely loves Hunter, and Read More


I would like to take this post and formally introduce Cooper’s little sister Alice. *Before you say anything (or if you hadn’t noticed), yes we knew before we named our kids that they would be Alice Cooper.  So for the fact of not having to deal with people’s comments I always say Cooper first. Cooper Read More


Valentine’s Day is the one year anniversary of Cooper learning how to walk!  I wasn’t even home when he finally walked (I was at the mall spending some of our tax refund!).  For about a month before he walked he was learning how to stand up without any help, he was so happy and would Read More


I have started this post about 10 times already, but I can’t seem to put into words what I am feeling.  There are so many things about Cooper that I could write about with this post; from his anxiety to preschool.  However, I feel like those things can wait until the next post.  So please, Read More


Before Cooper was even a thought, I’m pretty sure Spencer wanted to have a boy so he could pass on his love for trains that he got from his dad.  Trains are in his blood. *A little family history…. “So after doing some quick digging I figured it out and it was actually Grandma Joan’s Read More


Cooper is no stranger to the doctor’s office, but that doesn’t mean he likes it very much.  Frequent visits to the doctor started when Cooper was very little.  He came down with a cold, when he was just a couple of months old, and it was very extreme for a child.  The doctor told me Read More


November is notorious for people acknowledging the things that they are grateful for in their lives.  In my life, I have so many things to be grateful for that one month isn’t enough time to list everything.  One of the things that I am most grateful for, rather two things, are my children.  I couldn’t Read More


At his two month well child checkup the pediatrician told me that Cooper’s head shape would require a helmet to correct, and that he had torticollis in his neck and needed to see a physical therapist for stretches to help it. *For those that don’t know torticollis is when the neck muscles on one side Read More