Friday the 13th

 There is a first time for everything, and Friday was the first time something bad actually happened on Friday the 13th.

Friday started out like any other day, except we took Cooper to school so he could sleep in after a long night.  It was also my older sister’s birthday and the kids were excited to wish her a happy birthday!  Spencer got to go into work early, which meant he would get off earlier than he usually does giving him the evening at home with me and the kids.

I had found It Takes Two on Hulu (the old 90’s movie with the Olsen twins), so we decided to watch it.  I gave Cooper his medicine at 9 o’clock, like always, and I let him fall asleep on my lap.  I almost asked Spencer to take Cooper to his bed, but I decided to just let him sleep on my lap just a little bit longer.  Often in his sleep he will take really deep breaths that sound like he is catching his breath, but this time it didn’t stop.  I lifted him up a little bit more and turned him so I could see him, his whole body started shaking, and his eyes rolled back into his head.  Immediately I sat up and yelled at Spencer that something was wrong and that he needed to call 911.  The seizure only lasted a little, between 30 seconds to one minute; but for me it felt like forever.  We ran up the stairs while I was on the line with dispatch with Alice following behind screaming.  She had no idea what was going on, only that Mom and Dad were freaking out and Cooper was acting weird.  It took about five minutes before Cooper was finally coherent again, thanks to Grandma Sheri for suggesting a train book.  He snapped right out of it and showed the paramedics all of the trains.  His stats all looked good, and the paramedics didn’t think they needed to transport Cooper to the hospital.  By the time they left and we got both of the kids to sleep it was 1 AM.  After a call to the night nurse to help me decide what needed to be done, we decided to watch Cooper all night and take him to the doctor first thing in the morning.

On Saturday Alice told everyone about how Cooper was sick so the doctor came and now he feels all better.  Cooper is doing much better, and we are taking him to see a neurologist to make sure everything is alright.  The doctor said when there is nothing obvious that causes a seizure it is best to follow up with a neurologist.  After all we have been through with Cooper, this was definitely the most stressful for me.

*  Also thanks to my mom, dad, and sisters for helping me cope this weekend.  Especially to my mom who kept an eye on Cooper Saturday night so I could get some much needed sleep.  


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