Happy Birthday!

Saturday was Cooper Pooper’s 5th birthday!  I know, crazy right?!  He is growing up ridiculously fast, and I wish he would stop already.

The last five years have been some of my most trying, physically, emotionally, and financially.  Cooper didn’t walk until he was almost three, and he gets mistaken for a much older kid all the time.  He needed a helmet and ankle braces, and those things aren’t cheep!  We did two years of therapy followed by two years of preschool, which was a very emotional decision for me.  We struggled with chronic constipation for three years, ending in an ER and hospital visit.  We also had many many doctor’s appointments with different kinds of specialists that gave us no answers, but brought up more questions.  After four years we finally got Cooper on some sleep medicine which has been a heaven sent, and has finally given us all the chance to get some sleep!

I can’t honestly say that I wouldn’t have it any other way, because I have definitely wished that things could be different.  I have tried to wish and pray away the developmental delays, and the constant medical battles, with no luck.  I have plead in prayer for immediate progress so that my baby could spend one more year with me before school starts.  I’ve prayed and cried to have everything be easier, and to take away all our trials.  All of this to no avail, it can’t be that easy.

However, I wouldn’t trade all the cuddles and kisses for anything in the world!  Cooper is my baby boy, at times my favorite, and always my reason for who I have become and am still becoming.  I have learned so many things while raising Cooper, that I thank the Lord for the opportunity I have been given to be taught by one of his most valiant angels.  Something is definitely to be learned from this experience, not for Cooper, but for me.  Cooper is already perfect, it is me that needs to be refined.

He is so brave, and never stops learning.  Never once has he given up on anything, except maybe sometimes during therapy.  I read through my journal, every once in a while, and have noticed how we never gave up on Cooper.  We always knew that everything was going to happen in Cooper’s time, not ours; but that it would happen.  We have such a full life planned for Cooper, and with hard work, faith, and prayer we will get Cooper there!

Cooper has made the last 5 years some of the best, most stressful, yet most fulfilling years of my life!  I can’t wait to see what happens in the future.

Happy Birthday Cooper!!!!!

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