Meet the parents

Spencer and I met at the single’s ward back in 2010, and while it took some time to convince Spencer to finally date me, we didn’t take our time getting married!  We met in January, started dating in April, got engaged in July and married in August!  Most people would also say we started our family fast, but it didn’t feel that way to us.  We had only been married a couple of months when we decided we wanted to have a kid.  We decided in January that we wanted to start our family, so many things happened.  Now I realize that we weren’t meant to have kids that early, we weren’t in a position that would work well with kids.The apartment complex we were living in was bought by a different company and they paid us to move out, which landed us with my parents while we were looking for a new place.  While we were living with them Spencer got a new job working at Klune.  He had been working at the gas station, with no benefits,  and we were very grateful to find him a new job (it was actually my brother who got him the job!).  We found a place in Spanish Fork, only a couple of minutes away from Klune, which made it easier for us both to get to work with only one car.  It wasn’t until August that I finally got pregnant, and those eight months were the longest months I had ever experienced.  I quit my job because Spencer and I had already decided that I wouldn’t work after we had kids so I could be home with them.  For the first trimester I was terrified of miscarrying, and Spencer was the only person who could ever keep me from losing all my marbles worrying.  Spencer went to every doctors appointment with me, including the two ultrasounds.  We showed everyone the ultrasound video where we found out we were having a little boy.  We were both over the moon about starting out our family with a boy, we couldn’t wait to tell everyone.  We already had a name picked out, Cooper Clayton.  We couldn’t be any happier!  Then when it was time to have Cooper nothing went as planned.  The labor went fine, but when they took him for his bath they didn’t bring him back.  That was just the start, what followed was therapy, a helmet, ankle braces, and autism preschool.  We have really just been flying by the seat of our pants this whole time, but really we have loved this journey.  Cooper is my favorite little guy, and he is the best train buddy Spencer could ask for!

As for us right now, we don’t really know where we are in our lives.  We are trying to plan our life around wherever we can get Cooper as much help as possible at school.  Spencer works full time, and practices web design on the side (my blog is one of his first projects).  I am a full time stay at home mom and a part time student.  I am going to school for an associates degree in Early Childhood Education, and will hopefully move on the a bachelor degree in psychology and a master’s in occupational therapy!   I also clean my sister’s house for a little extra money to spoil our kids!  We feel like we are in over our heads most days, but we are trying our best!  We love our lives and our kids, and we know that everything happens for a reason!




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