A is for autism.

Cooper was officially given an autism diagnosis today.  I knew it was coming, and was not at all surprised when the doctor told me he was going to put that diagnosis in Cooper’s chart.  Most doctors haven’t given him the diagnosis because he is much more social than most autistic children, and he is slightly more verbal.  I was actually glad that he was finally diagnosed, because I feel like professionals couldn’t give me any advice because he wasn’t diagnosed yet.  We are on the right path, though.  Right now we are doing what we can to get help for Cooper.  So far this school year has been very beneficial for Cooper.  He has learned how to do a lot of normal daily activities, and his vocabulary has been greatly expanded.  It also helps to have his little sister at a very similar developmental stage.  Alice is a little farther along than Cooper is, but he has been learning a lot of things along side her or from her.

The pediatrician said he thinks Cooper will have a really good outcome and be able to eventually hold a job and go to school.  So we are very optimistic and plan on continuing getting Cooper all the help he needs to succeed!

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  1. Shalee says:

    So happy for you guys in getting a diagnosis. Binnley is currently on this path and it’s so hard for me not knowing exactly what is going on. It’s so hard when era and professionals can’t really give you answers just guesses. Love reading your journey! ❤❤

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