Car accident

Last night, one of my worst fears happened. Hilary and I were headed to drop the kids off at Sasha’s house, so she could watch them while we were at school; and we were in a car accident. As we were driving through an intersection a car ran its red light, and t-boned us. It crushed my door, deployed the airbags above the two passenger side door, and the airbag in my seat. My window shattered, but Cooper’s window didn’t even have a scratch. Cooper and Alice were scared, and Cooper has some bruising on his neck and a burn on his arm from the airbag; but they were otherwise unharmed. The back seat looks as if nothing happened.

I can’t help but believe that we were being watched over the whole time. The fact that all of us walked away from the accident with no major injuries is absolutely incredible.

The Payson PD and EMS were amazing and handled everything so well! Especially with Cooper.

*Also, Hilary stayed really calm and took care of everything while I was a complete basket case in my seat!

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