“I love you”

It was a long time before I would admit that there was something different about Cooper.  He was my baby, my first born, and I was scared about what it could be.  While we don’t have an “official” autism diagnosis we call it that, and that is how we base things.  I remember the first Read More

Please don’t call us supermoms.

“Except in the case of His only perfect Begotten Son, imperfect people are all God has ever had to work with. That must be terribly frustrating to Him, but He deals with it. So should we.“ Elder Jeffrey R Holland That one quote should help us have a better understanding of parenting.  No child is Read More


As I shared, Cooper first had a seizure on the 13th of October.  He had two more in less than a month, each the same but different at the same time.  The last being the most severe, he also had an MRI and EEG done to find out the underlying cause (if there was one Read More

Friday the 13th

 There is a first time for everything, and Friday was the first time something bad actually happened on Friday the 13th. Friday started out like any other day, except we took Cooper to school so he could sleep in after a long night.  It was also my older sister’s birthday and the kids were excited Read More

Happy Birthday!

Saturday was Cooper Pooper’s 5th birthday!  I know, crazy right?!  He is growing up ridiculously fast, and I wish he would stop already. The last five years have been some of my most trying, physically, emotionally, and financially.  Cooper didn’t walk until he was almost three, and he gets mistaken for a much older kid Read More

A is for autism.

Cooper was officially given an autism diagnosis today.  I knew it was coming, and was not at all surprised when the doctor told me he was going to put that diagnosis in Cooper’s chart.  Most doctors haven’t given him the diagnosis because he is much more social than most autistic children, and he is slightly Read More

Meet the parents

Spencer and I met at the single’s ward back in 2010, and while it took some time to convince Spencer to finally date me, we didn’t take our time getting married!  We met in January, started dating in April, got engaged in July and married in August!  Most people would also say we started our Read More


As a mother of a nonverbal, special needs child, there are a number of social events that can cause a great deal of anxiety.  Two of these events happened for me in one weekend. First was Cooper’s very first primary program.  He didn’t have a part to say and didn’t sing any of the songs, Read More

Car accident

Last night, one of my worst fears happened. Hilary and I were headed to drop the kids off at Sasha’s house, so she could watch them while we were at school; and we were in a car accident. As we were driving through an intersection a car ran its red light, and t-boned us. It Read More

The present

When Cooper was one I decided to start a journal about him, and when he is older he can have it.  Then he will be able to read about when he was growing up.  Sometimes when I am working on an entry I like to go back and read it all for myself.  At one-year-old Read More